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Data collection made easy

Our software and expertise in data capture helps academics to efficiently and securely obtain outcome data in trials, or get consensus in Delphi studies. No fiddly set-up work is needed - we get everything ready as it's needed and pilot with the academic team before going live.

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Delphi studies

Our adaptable Delphi software and years of experience helps academics to design, manage, and deliver premium quality Delphi studies, efficiently, quickly, and with ease.

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ePRO in trials and health studies

Secure methods help academics and clinical triallists collect outcome data from participants of health studies and trials, both on-line and in-app, avoiding the need to pay for data entry, paper, postage, and gaining higher response rates.

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Routine data collection

Tried and tested methods to help professional bodies acquire feedback from stakeholder groups to ensure the quality of services delivered.

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Products and Services

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With a Clinvivo Delphi study, rounds appear exactly as you need for your panellists. They have all the information they need at their fingertips.

We first discuss with you your project needs and then we do all the typesetting, which leaves you free to focus on overall study management or the next round (rather than fiddling with content issues). We can help with design if needed, calling on years of experience to advise on matters from panel selection, the defining of experts, to actual presentation of content to the panel.

We can take the pain out of analysis as well; advising on scale selection, analytical approaches such as the RAND/UCLA method, or we can work to your own specification. You can leave us to do the inter-round analysis, and we will provide you with a full report to inform your selection of content for the subsequent round.

During a round, you can keep in touch with the numbers of panellists responding from our automated and anonymous daily updates. Our tried and tested reminder system, resulting from our experience of using different approaches, has at times led to zero % panel attrition.

At the end of your study, we will give you everything you need to write your report for publication; including (encrypted) raw data in the format of your choice, processed data, modifiable graphs, and our full report. Feel free to look at some of our other customers' published Delphi studies and see what other customers have had to say about their experience of doing a Delphi study with us (in our publications and endorsements pages). Our customers have published Delphi studies in high-impact journals such as BMJ, and one has had over 500 citations within four-years.

To find out how we can help on your study, please contact us today.

Our electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) software permits participants in trials, or any type of epidemiological research (cohort studies, cross-sectional designs, etc), to complete outcome measurement simply, and securely, using their own devices.

Participants download our free app from the Apple or Google app stores, or use their browser to enrol. Enrolled participants then receive reminders to complete follow-ups, as required. Questionnaires can be displayed in multiple languages if needed. ePRO is not only environmentally friendly, saving on waste and paper storage, but it also improves response rates, data accuracy, and reduces costs associated with double-data entry.

Consent (both for research, and for GDPR, if consent is your legal basis) may be taken in-app. You receive regular anonymised reports of completion rates and transfers of your encrypted data.

Clinvivo started life in a Clinical Trials Unit. Its staff have been involved in many large clinical trials and you will find us familiar with needs and requirements, and flexible so that our services can be optimised to work perfectly with your chosen design.

Clinvivo's Datacatcher app allows the routine collection of data from patients in clinical practice. Consent and GDPR notices can be managed in-app, and questionnaires can be presented in multiple languages. Patients can be reminded to complete follow-up outcome measures using direct device notifications, in the case of our iOS and Android apps, or by e-mail notification, in the case a patient prefers to use a browser. Regular reports and transfers of encrypted data can be arranged as needed, and deletion of data from our servers can be arranged in-line with your requirements.

The context in which treatment management decisions have been made is often unknown. A stated preference-elicitation method, known as a discrete choice experiment (DCE), permits the measurement and quantification of value attributes that inform decision-making. For example, consider being at a sporting event during an interval when many from the crowd wish to purchase food. Factors that people consider when deciding what to buy may include the type of food available from stands, the price, and the length of the queue. By presenting vignettes of each offer and queue length, and asking a person to choose between scenarios, the values assigned to food-type, cost, and queue length, can be quantified as a factor of each attribute. We could also make the design 'adaptive', so that the presented choices change depending on the selections made (e.g. if someone never chooses a salad bar option, that can be removed to focus on what matters more to that person).

Clinvivo's DCE software permits straight-forward DCE designs, as well as adaptive designs, and real-time analysis of responses. The software can be used in a browser, or in our DCE app, which can be installed on tablets for use in health care settings.

Strong security underpins everything we do at Clinvivo. It is a core difference that we believe puts clear blue water between our offer and other offers currently in the ePRO market. All of our services use encryption, with data being encrypted both in transit, and at rest. We do not store private encryption keys for clinical studies on data servers; in the unlikely event that our server security was ever breached, data would be unreadable without the private key. We can, if required, operate so that even we are unable to decrypt data (i.e. if you give us a public key, and only you hold the private encryption key - please note that in this case it would be important not to loose your key as the data would be unreadable and unrecoverable).

Our servers are contained within a ISO27001 certified data centre, which offers excellent physical access control and monitoring, including weight and face recognition through airlock entry, 24 hour manned video surveillance, and fire detection monitoring. We operate regular penetration tests, reviews of our security practices, and all staff receive training on data management and security.

We are experienced when it comes to working with GDPR requirements. We act as your data processor and we have standard data processor agreements to facilitate quick contracting. Our software also has facilities to consent participants in cases where your legal basis for processing personal data is consent.


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