Specialists in Delphi studies and sensitive data collection

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1 / 7
"Clinvivo conducted a large Delphi study for us. They were very professional and helpful and also really flexible. It helped that they understood the research process, as well as being able to do the programming to set the study up. When the study was up and running several people commented to us about the professional look of the on-line survey compared to others they had seen. I would highly recommend Clinvivo"

Sandra Eldridge
Professor of Biostatistics
Queen Mary University of London

2 / 7
"Clinvivo helped us with an e-Delphi which sought the views of an international panel over three rounds. It certainly made the task much easier than trying to do it manually (which I have done in the past!). They provided an efficient service, nothing was too much trouble and they willingly accommodated our specific requests."

Hilary Pinnock
University of Edinburgh

3 / 7
"Clinvivo conducted and analysed an international Delphi study for us. Their service was timely, flexible, and of excellent standard. Rob’s expertise in the Delphi method was also instrumental in helping us design the Delphi. Clinvivo's electronic platform is slick and robust. They conducted the Delphi with great efficiency and produced very detailed reports that are reproducible and secure. We managed to achieve 100% retention across a 3-round Delphi thanks to their reminder system. Peer reviewers were also very impressed by this. Highly recommended!"

Hopin Lee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Oxford;
and James McAuley
Associate Professor
University of New South Wales
4 / 7
"Clinvivo ran the electronic questionnaire and data capture for a complex discrete choice experiment that was run with the University of Aberdeen. They provided timely advice and quick work on all requests, and managed the technical difficulties of accessing a diverse target group. Rob and the team were very accessible at all points of the project. Thank you!"

Christopher Bassford
Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
University Hospital Coventry

5 / 7
"Clinvivo were central to organisation and delivery of a national survey of prostate cancer care in our recent NIHR programme development grant. The Clinvivo team were excellent in their support and efforts to tailor their service to exactly what we wanted for our primary research. Their electronic design and analysis services were very useful in achieving our research goals on time. We would be very pleased to work with them again in the future."

Liam Bourke
Sheffield Hallam University
6 / 7
"Clinvivo developed tablet-based student surveys for our pilot trial in secondary schools. They were flexible, accommodating and always available to answer questions and provide support. It was clear throughout the project that Clinvivo’s team is extremely dedicated to their work, to rigorous research methods and to data security. They were a pleasure to work with."

Rebecca Meiksin
Research Fellow in Social Science
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
7 / 7
"Clinvivo created a tool to enable real time analysis in a live discrete choice experiment. We really like the tool and we are impressed by how they managed to integrate statistical modelling in real time. The tool is cutting edge technology and we are excited to try it out - we don't know of anyone that has managed to run this kind of tool before."

Luis Loria Rebolledo
Research Fellow
Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen